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Street Food catering by Sly Fox is ideal for half-day to full-day events where there is time for a larger meal.

In a few simple steps, the guest chooses a meal to his liking from the ingredients he likes.


It is the perfect choice in the case where there is a diverse company and each guest has different dietary preferences (gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan). Snacks are labeled with allergen labels, so the guest can choose exactly the food he or she likes. A purely vegetarian or vegan version of the menu can also be prepared upon request.

The number of participants is ideally from 30 to 800 people. The price depends on the difficulty of the event. 

For street food catering, it is also possible to serve drinks, appetizers and finger foods and  desserts in the form of our tartlets, cheesecakes, or others that you can find on our website.


For lovers of Asia, we can also make a great Ramen, which the guest can put together according to what he likes

Are you planning a larger event or do you need an individual tailor-made offer? Leave us basic information about the planned event, we will get back to you and plan the complete event together as you wish

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